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The Moderation Movement

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The Moderation Movement is a revolutionary approach to food and exercise co-founded by Accredited Practising Dietitian, Zoe Nicholson, and multi award winning fitness professional, Jodie Arnot. The movement was established to counter the flood of extreme health messages we’re now bombarded with every day.

“Who would have thought that moderation would actually become the alternative view?  It’s hard to believe that we now need to stand up for a sustainable, balanced approach to health,” states Jodie.

Much of the Western world has gone nutrition and fitness mad and unfortunately we’re told by the loudest voices that health requires quitting certain foods, following strict principles and thrashing ourselves with extreme exercise.

The Moderation Movement is a well-needed reminder that you don’t need to suffer deprivation, guilt, fear of food or anxiety over eating out. The Moderation Movement promotes a mindful enjoyment of all foods, eating according to appetite and setting wellness goals that don’t focus on appearance or size.

Quitting food has become mainstream. People are turning away in droves not only from sugar, gluten and wheat, they’re now feeling like they need to avoid whole-grains, legumes and sometimes even fruit in order to achieve good health. Nourishing food that people used to enjoy eating is now off the menu.

Zoe explains, “Jodie and I started this movement to say that you don't need to quit food or follow a special way of eating in order to be healthy. Eat mindfully and you can enjoy all food. Of course we want to see people eating mostly fresh whole food, but you don’t need to completely exclude more processed food or indulgent foods.

Avoiding food you actually enjoy eating, goes against your natural desires and at some point you will resent not being able to eat what you feel like.

The notion you can eat whatever you feel like may sound ridiculous if you've spent years on one diet or another that have dictated what you should and shouldn't eat. However, by letting go of these food rules and learning to eat mindfully, you can eat whatever you feel like and achieve your health goals.”

There’s so much guilt and shame wrapped up in people’s relationship with food and their own bodies.  Health is currently equated with washboard abs, a thigh gap, impressive butt muscles, kale, green smoothies and sugar free raw Paleo balls, not to mention activating your nuts and bathing in coconut oil. It’s no wonder why everyone has gone a little nuts! We are not saying it’s wrong to do these things, we are just saying you don’t have to in order to achieve good health.

“The Moderation Movement reminds everyone that fitness is not a size, a weight, or a six-pack” says Jodie. “Fitness is expressed in ease of movement, loads of energy, reduced risk of disease and a vibrancy that defies age a little. Health means being able to enjoy a piece of birthday cake without guilt and sharing a restaurant meal and a glass of wine with friends, anxiety free.”

The enthusiastic response on Facebook is proof that The Moderation Movement’s message is a relief for so many Australians who are ready to embrace a more balanced relationship with food and exercise.

There is more than one way to achieve wellness. The Moderation Movement is a timely breath of fresh air amongst the diet madness.

Jodie and Zoe wish to be clear that if you choose to follow a specific way of eating which may include cutting out certain food and are completely comfortable with this, we have no issue. The Moderation Movement does not judge others on how they choose to eat. We are simply standing up for those who prefer not to follow particular food trends and those who feel overwhelmed by all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to food and exercise.

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This article was authored by Jodie Arnot and Zoe Nicholson. To learn more about them or to follow them on Facebook, click on the links below. 


Jodie Arnot is the owner and director of Healthy Balance Fitness










Zoe Nicholson is the owner and director of figureate – food, nutrition & fitness 



The Moderation Movement
Zoe Nicholson
Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)