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20 Local Area Marketing Ideas to Attract More Clients

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Looking to attract more clients - and not spend a fortune doing so? Here are 20 great tips to generate more leads and help you stand out from the crowd. You don't need to do them all at once, just pick the ones which resonate with you and get started. They will work!



 Author: Tracey Emney - founder and ceo n4 food and health

Local Area Marketing, or "LAM" as it is more colloquially know, is essentially any activity that you conduct in your "local" area to promote your business. It is a great way to attract new clients and boost your revenues. Effective LAM can give you a real "edge" - help more people better understand the value you can bring, and make you stand out from the competition.

And if you think that effective LAM requires you to spend a lot of money think again. In this article we will provide you with 20 practical, effective LAM initiatives that won't break the bank.

1. Have a website or create social meida pages and direct your clients to the sites. Update it regularly with fresh content and include all of your promotions and other initiatives detailed below

2. Send your client base regular newsletters - preferable electronic -  or social media posts including interesting articles, recipes, tips or promotions. This will keep you front of mind, and build their loyalty and advocacy.

3. Join a local business network so you can network with local business owners. If there isn't one, or you don't think it is effective, start your own!

4. Run referral promotions - offer your existing clients a discount, or some other reward, for each new referral that they provide.

5. Run a promotion for a free consultation. This will also help you build your database as you can collect email addresses along the way.

6.  Run promotions during "quiet times" eg 20 per cent discount on a consultation on Mondays and Tuesdays  between 2-5pm.

7. Run promotions with large employers, or communities in your neighbourhood eg Everyone who works at ABC Ltd or attends XYZ Gym receives 20% off their first consultation.

8. Run join promotions by teaming up with a non-competing business in your neighbourhood eg a local bookstore selling nutrition books or a cafe / restaurant selling nutritious meals.

9. Donate a free consultation to a local charity, school Auction or other community events.

10. Reward your best clients with a discount off their next consultation, a small gift on their birthday or even just a card to say "thank you" - turn them into advocates!

11. Hold free, interesting seminars in community halls or local gyms to promote your services. 

12. Run awareness sessions in local schools and provide flyers with tips such as "Creating a Healthy School Lunchbox" 

13. Advertise in local media such as newspapers, community web sites and free online business listings sites such as True Local and Hotfrog.

14. Build relationships with your local newspaper and write regular features, or be available to comment or topical nutrition news. 

15. Ask your clients for feedback - send them a simple survey (eg using Survey Monkey) asking how they find your services and what else you can be doing to add more value.

16. If you have a shop front (physical or online!), make sure your signage in clearly visible and high quality.

17. Put graphics on your car and park it somewhere highly visible. These can be magnetic signs which are a more affordable option. 

18. Ask your clients for testimonials and referrals when they are there in from of you - strike while the iron is hot!

19. Conduct a mailbox drop - but make sure it is memorable and has a clear call to action. Follow it up on a regular basis eg quarterly.

And finally... 

20. Talk to people! - set yourself the challenge of finding 3-5 new person every week to introduce yourself to and let them know what you do. That's 150-250 people every year that otherwise would not know about you. Write an offer on the back of the business card - 10% off your first consultation - and you WILL generate new business at no cost.

If you are already doing many of these well then congratulations! - you are almost certainly ahead of the competition and reaping the rewards.

If you are not, then remember that everyone's "local area" is different so be sure to think about which ones are right for you and prioritise their use so you get the biggest bang for your buck. Don't try and do them all at once!

And as you start seeing more clients come through your door, don't  forget to ask them where they heard about you - that way you can keep refining your local area marketing tactics to make them even more effective.

One final tip - you will only be truely effective with your local area marketing when you have a clear value proposition, or point of difference, that is easily understood by your target audience. Check out our article What's My Value Proposition as a reminder on creating a compelling value proposition. 

Good luck, and as always we love to hear your feedback.....

20 Local Area Marketing Ideas to Attract More Clients