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Doing Things Differently: 5 Essential Ingredients Of Thought Leadership And Innovation

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Who would have thought 50 years ago, that people would one day be leveraging technology to achieve their health and fitness goals? Change is inevitable, whether we lead that change or simply follow others who do comes down to our capacity to think differently and our courage to give new things a go. Five of the most important ways you can lead your industry or business through thought leadership and innovation include:

1.     Challenge conventional wisdom

Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the only or best way. There are countless examples of beliefs we hold with little evidence that they are either relevant or true. Once upon a time people commonly believed the world was flat and we all know how that turned out. Challenge the way you and other people think and look for opportunities to evolve in new and better directions.

2.     Be open to possibilities

The quickest way to kill creativity is to be closed minded. Reserve judgment and explore the potential of your ideas and those other people offer. While its never wise to relentlessly pursue an idea down a dead end street, be careful you don’t dismiss great insights before exploring their merit fully. What might at first seem absurd may in fact prove to be a groundbreaking.

3.     Quiet your mind and listen

The hectic pace of life can make it difficult to hear our own thoughts let alone pay attention to them. Slow down, turn off technology, and create time for silent moments that allow you to reflect. Tap into your intuition and observe the thoughts that randomly pop into your mind

4.     Keep trying 

History has shown time and again that great leaders in their field don’t always get things right the first time. As Michael Jordan famously said “I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed”.  If the first approach you take doesn’t work, contemplate how else it might. Some times the mistakes we make lead to depths of insight that reveal the way through to success. 

5.     Ignore the naysayers

There is no shortage of opinions on offer; the challenge is to know which ones are worth listening to. Great ideas have often been met with skepticism and opposition. Have faith in your own point of view and have the courage to act despite what other people may think is possible or worthwhile. While its important to consider advice offered by other people don’t allow them to dictate the decisions you ultimately make. 

Doing Things Differently: 5 Essential Ingredients Of Thought Leadership And Innovation
Karen Gately
Karen Gately