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Tips and Benefits of Successful Blogging

What is a Blog? 

A blog is an expression of your personal opinions or commentary on an issue or matter of interest where your can directly engage and interact with your readers.  

Benefits of Blogging

1. Blogging makes it easier for your readers to follow you 

2. By frequently adding new blogs (which is automatically linked to your profile page), search engine spiders will visit you more frequently and will rank you well

3. Active Community - the ability for readers to comment and rate your blog on n4 food and health encourages interaction. Link your blog to your Facebook, Linked Pn, Pinterst or other social media for increased interaction and following. Your active blog will be rewarded by search engines. 

4. Your blog links directly to your profile page - enabling followers / readers to contact you.

5. You active blog can help drive referrals, career & job opportunities, expert requests or other business ventures. 

What makes a great Blog to be enjoyed by a large audience?

  • The power of titles - titles can make or break a blog so ensure it captures the readers attention and makes them want to stop and read your post
  • Interesting content - great content attracts visitors!
  • Express yourself and be original - speak your mind, have something unique to say and say it in a creative way
  • Easily read - easy to understand and succinct (max 500 words please)
  • Engage - blogs are designed to be interactive so engage your audience and encourage them to get involved
  • Relevance - please write for your audience: the public, practitioners or students and indicate who you are targeting.  
  • Topical - current issues will attract the most online traffic for you.
  • Be visual  - use images to help tell your story - a picture paints a thousand words!
  • Credible - if asserting facts include referencing to a reputable Primary Source ie nutrition and health related journals, industry associations and governing bodies.  

To help guarantee your work is posted please avoid: 

  • Poor grammar, spelling and general content
  • Irrelevant content - ie. not related to food, health, nutrition or dietetics
  • Promotional or advertising material  - this is not a forum for a sales pitch!

Tips to help you:

  • Once you have posted your blog, link it to your social media - Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest etc.
  • Email it to your friends and family - get them to comment at the bottom of the page and rate your article using the apple rating system or the like function 
  • Send a link to your clients or have them join so they receive the newsletter