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Factsheet Posting Guidelines 

What is a Fact Sheet? 

A fact sheet is a concise summary of factual information about an issue or matter of interest without high-pressure sales or marketing language. 

What makes a great Fact Sheet to be read by a large audience?

  • The power of titles - the title can make or break a fact sheet so make sure it captures the readers attention and makes them want to stop and read the detail.

  • Interesting content - great content attracts visitors!
  • Well written - easy to understand content including bullet points to summarise and break up the text. 1- 2 pages is a good guide. 
  • Well structured - with an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Relevance - please write for your audience: the public, practitioners or students and indicate who you are targeting.  
  • Topical - current issues will attract the most online traffic for you.
  • Be factual - you are writing a Fact Sheet - include referencing to a reputable Primary Source ie nutrition and health related journals, industry associations and governing bodies.  
  • Originality - our preference is for original content which has not been published elsewhere, however this may not always be the case. 

To help guarantee your work is posted please avoid: 

  • Poor referencing - ie. non reputable sources or not the primary source
  • Poor grammar, spelling and general content
  • Irrelevant content - ie. not related to food, health, nutrition or dietetics
  • Promotional or advertising material  - this is not a forum for a sales pitch!

Tips to help you:

  • Write your fact sheet, read it, re-read it, edit it, re-read it again and even have someone else read it before you upload. Ensure it meets your original goals, makes sense and flows. Format your fact sheet when you upload it. 
  • Once you have uploaded your content and it is activated, link it to your social media - Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest etc.
  • Email it to your friends and family - get them to comment at the bottom of the page and rate your article using the apple rating system or the like function 
  • Send a link to your clients or have them join so they receive the newsletter 
  • Encourage your audience to get involved by creating discussion around your content

Please note:  You will own the copyright for the article unless we have commissioned work from you and come to another agreement. However by posting it on our site we have the right to use all or part of the content across other platforms - this may include our newsletter, blog, social media etc. All this provides great exposure to you. This is set our further in our Upload Terms.

We have the right to make minor edits and add images.  If any major editing is required we will ensure you authorise the changes before it is posted. Our preference is for work which requires no editing.