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Recipe Posting Guidelines

What makes a great Recipe to be enjoyed by a large audience? 

  • The power of titles - the title can make or break a great recipe so make sure it captures the readers attention and makes them want to stop and read your recipe.

  • Taste - ensure it doesn't just look good but it tastes amazing.
  • Nutritional Benefits - if there is a specific ingredient, which has nutritional benefits, or the cooking process is a healthier approach let your readers know about it.
  • Recipe name - give your creation a name. The more original and memorable the better!
  • Category - specify which category your recipe relates to - make it easy to find.
  • Photos - Include up to 3 good quality images - the preparation process and the finished product! You don't have to include images but we eat with our eyes and your readers will be enticed by what they can see. 
  • Source - recipes must be your own creation or a version of a recipe you love. Please reference when inspired from another source. Due to copyright laws we cannot accept any recipes that are not owned by you. If your recipe is from one of your books or websites, please write the name and/or publisher so people can find it. 
  • Ingredients - list the Ingredients in order of use, the measurements (use metric) and how they will be used. ie. lightly toasted pistachios or diced onions.
  • Number of serves - how many it will serve based on healthy size adult portions!
  • Instructions - tell us the oven temperature in degrees celcius. Use numbers in sequential order when writing the instructions and keep it simple. Use detail when required ie. how to cook a specific item ie. “cook in fry pan until soft and translucent - about 5 mins” rather than just “cook onion for 5 mins”. Test your recipe before posting, write any variations you may consider and highlight any challenging steps.

To help guarantee your work is posted:

Please focus on the principles of sound nutrition including one or more of the following nutritional guidelines:

  • Be informative about your ingredients and talk about their nutritional benefits 
  • Use wholefoods
  • Increase readers fibre intake
  • Avoid or minimise salt
  • A focus on a specific health condition ie. gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, vegetarian etc.
  • Reduced sugar or low calories
  • Reduced fat, minimal saturated fat and a preference for omega - 3's, mono- or poly-unsaturated fat

Tips to help you

  • Once you have uploaded your recipe and it is activated,  link it to your social media - Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest etc.
  • Email it to your friends and family - get them to comment at the bottom of the page and rate your recipe using the 'apple' rating system or the 'like' function 
  • Send a link to your clients or have them join so they receive the newsletter 
  • Encourage your audience to get involved by creating discussion around your recipe

Please note:  You will own the copyright for the recipe unless we have commissioned work from you and come to another agreement. However by posting it on our site we have the right to use all or part of the content across other platforms - this may include our newsletter, blog, social media etc. All this provides great exposure to you. This is set our further in our Upload Terms.

We have the right to make minor edits and add images. If any major editing is required we will ensure you authorise the changes before it is posted. Our preference is for work which requires no editing.